The Fault in Our Stars

As the title suggests, I just saw The Fault in Our Stars, based on the book by John Green. If you haven’t read it, here it is without spoiling: It’s a love story about two terminal cancer patients, Hazel Lancaster (Shailene Woodley) and Augustus Waters (Ansel Elgort). They meet at a cancer support group in a church that they call “The Literal Heart of Jesus.” Augustus immediately has a crush on Hazel, but initially she doesn’t want to go further than friends. Hazel and Gus exchange books. Hazel has Gus read “An Imperial Affliction,” and Gus recommends one of his books. I can’t remember what it was called. Their mutual frustration over the end of “An Imperial Affliction” leads Hazel and Augustus to track down answers from the author himself.

I was a bit rusty because I haven’t read the book in a while, but from what I remember, the movie was accurate. I absolutely LOVED Hazel’s room. Like, can I move into that set? She had a bookshelf around her headboard. For someone who is running out of space for all her books, I was jealous. Also, I don’t remember Hazel having a dad in the book, but in the movie she did. Either way, I don’t object because he was good looking.

But I wasn’t just looking at the actors. The movie captured the book really well. I do have to wonder, though, how they dealt with Augustus’s prosthetic leg. As far as I know, Ansel Elgort has two perfectly good legs. The only time they showed his bad leg, both Hazel and Gus were laying in bed. It was probably a leg double or fake leg. All in all, I recommend it. I don’t usually cry at movies, but your results may vary. Bring tissues just in case.


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