I’m only half way through the book, but I have more than enough thoughts to do a decent review. But it doesn’t matter what I think – you’re the judge of quality here.

The title may infer that this will be about vampires – and you’re absolutely right. But this isn’t another sappy, lovesick Twilight Saga. Don’t get me wrong, I love Twilight, but I’d venture out on a limb and say the Thirst series by Christopher Pike is even better. It’s more graphic, and therefore somewhat more realistic.

Pike’s main character, a five-thousand-year-old vampire named Alisa Perne, is originally from India. The books – I believe there are five of them, and I’m currently on the fourth – take place in the United States. She has to move around a lot so no one will notice she isn’t aging. However, her appearance is the least of her worries.

Alisa and her friends have enemies in the Telar, a group of human-vampire hybrids bent on destroying the human race with a virus they are immune to. The only chance they have of defeating the Telar is to combine forces with an organization called the IIC. But Alisa’s “allies” aren’t your girls and boys next door. They also want to see the Telar destroyed, but that’s where the similarities in motive end …

Christopher Pike is a vampiric genius. Compared to his series, Twilight is a baby book. His character development goes much deeper than Meyer’s. His characters are more intertwined, which makes for tons of plot twists even I didn’t see coming. His incorporation of Hinduism into the series enhances his characters because he is able to spend more time with their history.

Strap yourself in and hang on tight for a supernatural thrill ride … 😉


New Read!

I’ve just started this one. I’ll have a review for you when I’m done. Go nowhere!