We all remember Darla from Finding Nemo right? Nasty little brat … It just so happens that Darla is also the name of one of the Telar (see Bloodthirsty), so all I can picture is a six-year-old with a mouthful of metal running around with an M-16 machine gun … *shudders with fear*


My Thoughts on Rereading

I can’t do it. I just can’t reread books. I tried with Harry Potter. I got to book 7 before I got distracted by new stuff. Barnes & Noble doesn’t help. It’s my favorite store in the world, and every time I go in there, I find a million things I want to buy. That’s exaggerating, but only slightly. If I had enough money I would buy the whole store. So many books, so little money and time. I might pick up Harry Potter again, but I have Pottermore to play with. That is, if they ever update it. They’re only halfway through The Goblet of Fire. But they have been writing about the Quidditch World Cup, so that’s nice.

Anyway, do you reread?


Thirst Movie?

In the back of Thirst No. 4, in the author’s note, it says:

Thirst and Alosha are slated to be released as feature films.

Alosha is another series by Christopher Pike. Anyway, I looked up Thirst on IMDB, and all I got was a foreign movie about a priest who gets turned into a vampire.

They really should make the series into movies though. It would be epic.