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The Gray Wolf Throne is the third and last book in the Seven Realms series by Cinda Williams Chima. She also wrote the Heir Chronicles. She doesn’t disappoint. The other books were epic. Stay tuned for the review.


How to write a novel to an outline and still be creative

I never thought to outline my book. Maybe I should …

Nail Your Novel

8108383545_0a63c2bddf_zAs you may have seen from the interwebs, I’ve finished the first draft of Ever Rest – which I’ve been announcing with giddy hullabaloo because I’m relieved to have got to the end.

I wrote it with an outline, but even so, it changed a lot in the telling – and this is what I want to talk about today.

Planning v pantsing

Hands up: who’s a planner? And who writes by the seat of their pants?

Planning versus pantsing is supposed to be one of the great divides between writers. On the one side we have systematic processes; on the other, an argument for natural connection and creative flow.

But it is possible to write with a detailed outline – and go with your instincts. An outline isn’t a straitjacket.

Indeed, Ever Rest started to bust its sleeves as soon as I got typing.

The first was the point-of-view…

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