Definitely not Your Average Dinner

It all started when I walked out to the kitchen and Mom was singing a really weird song. She said she hated it, but she couldn’t remember who sang it.

So she broke out the iPad to look it up on YouTube. It was called “Loving You” by Minnie Ripperton. If I thought Mom was dorky and off key, the music video was even worse. That song was like 4 minutes of high pitched agony.

After I told her to make it stop enough times, we started watching clips from The Singing Nun. This I appreciated. I’d always liked the movie and songs, even if the songs were annoyingly catchy enough to get stuck in my head. And then we came across the original Singing Nun. The songs were in French though, so I didn’t enjoy them as much.

Last but not least, we stumbled upon Sister Christina’s performances on “The Voice of Italy”. She’s amazing. She can sing in Italian and English. It’s not every day you see nuns bold enough to go on “The Voice”. Props to her.

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