The First Supersoldier

It’s so good to be back stateside! I’ll tell you all about my trip later. En route from Heathrow to home, I wanted to watch Divergent so I could give it a proper review, but I didn’t see it on the list. :(. But I did see Captain America: The First Avenger.

The movie tells the story of a man named Steve Rogers. Since he was a kid, all he has wanted to do is serve his country in the army. All his efforts to enlist have been stopped dead in their tracks by his long list of medical problems: you name it, he probably has it. So when a scientist with the military offers him a chance to change for the better, he jumps at it.

I thought the movie was really well done. It took a while to get to the climax, but it was worth it. Just the right balance of action and a personal story. And a surprise appearance by Dominic Cooper. He was in the movie, but I didn’t recognize him. If anything, watch it for Chris Evans. He’s easy on the eyes. Really easy. 😉


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