The Rise of Nine

This third book in the I Am Number Four series by Pittacus Lore is even more epic than the first two.  The Lorien Garde is even closer to defeating their Mogadorian enemies for once and for all.  However, the United States government could complicate things.


I really liked this book, and I respect Pittacus Lore as a writer, but at the same time, he really pisses me off.  Why?  Oh, just because he inserts himself into the book as Lorien’s ruling Elder.  Even the planet is named after him.  How much more vain can someone be?  Honestly, though, I used to think it was cool.  But now it just seems Mr. Lore has a major ego. As an author, I believe one can base scene off of something that has happened in life, even base certain characters on one’s friends.  But to purposely place yourself – the author – in the book as almost the entire story behind your story is taking it a bit too far.


Even so, I still have to give the guy props.  I like the way he uses different fonts for each character’s point of view.  And the action scenes are really detailed.  If you haven’t picked up the series before, start with the first book and let the excitement build.

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