The Locals & Saints

November 8, 2014 was nothing short of amazing. My school got Cosby & The Saints of Valory – who graciously took time out of their tour with Philip Philips – to play a show for us.

I hadn’t heard of either band before that night. Now I wish I had more space on my phone. The music took me to another place. My heart kept time with their drums. I was able to relax and have fun, if only for two hours.

Cosby, two brothers from Richmond, Virginia, played “Heartracer,” “Summer Gold,” and something else that I cannot remember. I would have been content if they played all night.  They had a “keytar” – a piano that is played just like a guitar, except the strings are replaced with keys.  It was really cool.

After an hour, The Saints of Valory – the main act – took the stage.  If Cosby was something, they were even better.  They played “Twenty-Six,” “Long Time Coming,” and “Back Up”.  All of the songs were good.  The percussion – and believe me when I say there was a lot of it – was amazing.  And it was not just coming from a drum set.  They used toms and other Latin drums, which enhanced the performance.

Despite the underwhelming attendance, the gym was really loud.  I say underwhelming because when I went to get a ticket the day before, they were sold out.  So I was thinking the place was going to be packed.  Not so much.  Maybe 50 people – including me -were there.  I could barely hear any of the lyrics, but what I did hear resonated with me.  It wasn’t necessarily that they spoke of anything I could relate to.  It was just different.  In a good way.  I do not know what I expected, but both bands pleasantly surprised me.  No, wait, that is an understatement – they blew me out of the water.

There was one thing, however, that was kind of odd.  Both bands had a computer with them on stage.  Since it definitely was not in the electronic genre of music, they were either supplementing the sounds of their instruments or lip-syncing.  I really hope they were not lip-syncing.  That would be a major disappointment.

If you ever get the chance to see either Cosby or The Saints of Valory in concert, take it.  You will not regret it.


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