Today’s the Day

My Shakespeare trip a year in the making has arrived at last. Today, I leave for the American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, Virginia. Pictures are not guaranteed (the people at the ASC are very strict about such things), but I will try and find the time to keep you updated on my experience. Some of […]

It Might Just be the Best Soundtrack Ever

About a week ago, I was laying in bed listening to music (and probably playing solitaire) on my phone. I eventually found myself browsing my WishList in the iTunes Store. And that’s when I splurged. I usually don’t buy entire albums, but the Divergent soundtrack was absolutely necessary. I liked all the music from the […]

Life’s Silver Linings

The other night, I finally had the opportunity to watch Silver Lining’s Playbook. After 8 months in a mental hospital, Pat (Bradley Cooper) is hoping to get back together with his wife. That is, until he meets his best friend’s sister-in-law, Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence). It was both heartwarming and intense. Not to mention hilarious. Jennifer […]

I Knew He Looked Familiar!

On Tuesday, I saw Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.  The Museum of Natural History doesn’t have to hide at night anymore.  Larry Daley is the director of the Night Program.  But when the inaugural showcase of what happens at night in the museum goes awry, Larry and his friends must find out why. They discover that the […]