It Might Just be the Best Soundtrack Ever

About a week ago, I was laying in bed listening to music (and probably playing solitaire) on my phone. I eventually found myself browsing my WishList in the iTunes Store. And that’s when I splurged.
I usually don’t buy entire albums, but the Divergent soundtrack was absolutely necessary. I liked all the music from the movie, I just didn’t have enough iTunes money to buy it right away.
The music is even better than I remember it from the movie. I’m addicted to it. Usually, I repeat individual songs. But I’ve had this whole album on repeat recently because I can’t get enough of it.

Even though there’s not a bad song, I have two favorites: Run Boy Run and I Won’t Let You Go.

As soon as I heard Run Boy Run, I freaked out. I finally found the song from the movie with the awesome snare drums underneath everything else in the song. Those snare licks are enough to give me an orgasm. (I was a percussionist in my high school marching band, so I know what good drums sound like). It’s a relatively simple pattern, but it’s a good one that fits the action of the movie. I can’t remember what scene it is in though.

I always wondered what happened to Snow Patrol after the success of Chasing Cars. It’s the only song of theirs I ever hear on the radio. Apparently they’re still making music, because they sing my other favorite song on the soundtrack, I Won’t Let You Go. It has a good beat, which is essential for me. If I don’t like the beat before someone adds words to it, I probably won’t like the song very much. The refrain strikes a chord with me:

There’s something happening here, there’s something here that I just can’t explain. I know I’m where I belong, deep down inside I’ve known all along. I won’t let you go, so don’t let go of me. I wanted something more, I wanted this right here.

For me, this is a song about not giving up, no matter how stressful school – or life in general, for that matter – becomes. I’ve already been through so much in my life, school isn’t going to stop my progress now. Granted, this song may not calm me down completely, but it does help.
Anyway, you can’t have Divergent without the music that makes it. Give it a listen. You won’t regret it ;).

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