Academic Writing Victorian Literature 2015

A Fresh Start and a New Friend

Today is the first day of my sophomore spring semester of college. I had Victorian Literature this morning. It was really chill. Plus, I made a new friend – Laura. I had set my stuff down on one of the desks so I could do something else. When I came back to the doorway, she was sitting there. I picked up my stuff, having already spotted another seat, when she spoke up: “Oh, were you sitting here?” I told her “Not really. I can move, it’s fine”. “No, I’ll move over,” she replied graciously. So she moved to the desk beside it.
What came next was huge for me – I initiated the “just met someone” small talk. I usually don’t start conversations unless I’m texting people.

After class, I talked to my professor about my academic accommodations. She was really nice about it; I didn’t feel awkward at all. I happened to mention that I’m familiar with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde because the music from the play was my 10 grade marching band show. We talked about how the play added an element of romance that the original story doesn’t lend itself to. She and I seemed to agree that a musical doesn’t necessarily have to have a happy ending. Now I pose the same question to you: Does a musical need lighter tones and a happy ending, or can it be darker and serious?