Jane Eyre: Volume 2, Chapter 10-Volume 3, Chapter 4

Tomorrow may be a snow day (I’m really glad I don’t have to sit through my 3 hour biology lab), but for some reason I feel like keeping up with homework.  Weird right?  What’s gotten into me?  Consequently, you get to read more of my thoughts on Jane Eyre.  Enjoy.

The Lives of Victorian Writers Told in Limericks

This is hilarious. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect, because I’m taking Victorian Literature this semester. Interesting Literature The literary lives of twelve famous Victorians, told in the poetic form they knew so well Nobody knows for sure why limericks are named limericks. They’re obviously named in honour of Limerick, the city in Ireland, […]

The Batchleor (and Batchlorette, for that matter)

The one show that has been a constant fixture on ABC for as long as I can remember is The Bachelor (alternating seasons with The Bachelorette). I don’t watch it religiously because I honestly think it’s stupid. However, when I do find myself watching it, it’s mostly for the drama. Like last night, when Chris […]