The Batchleor (and Batchlorette, for that matter)

The one show that has been a constant fixture on ABC for as long as I can remember is The Bachelor (alternating seasons with The Bachelorette). I don’t watch it religiously because I honestly think it’s stupid. However, when I do find myself watching it, it’s mostly for the drama. Like last night, when Chris – the current Bachelor – shared his thoughts on what happened so far, it was interesting to see his point of view. They also interviewed Andy (Andie)? – last season’s Bachelorette – about her breakup with Josh. It was so pathetic I couldn’t stand to watch the entire thing. Why was she so distraught? It wasn’t real. It’s never been real. Granted, there are some couples who met on the show and actually stayed together, but their numbers are few. Most of what happens is probably for the cameras. Seriously, how can anyone find true love in a room with 25 members of their opposite sex? It doesn’t make sense. And when you start spending time with one, the others get their feelings hurt. It’s not the normal way to find someone, so why do it? I just don’t know.


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