Humorous Inspiration

Usually, when people ask me why I am and English major one – and only one event comes to mind.  One which I will save for another post.  It all started with John Grogan, author of Marley & Me.  After I saw the movie, I decided to read the book.  And it opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me.  I found Grogan’s sense of humor essentially the same as my own, which made for laugh-out-loud entertainment.

Mom:  What’s so funny?

Me:  Nothing.  *keeps laughing even harder*

It was also a refreshing break from fiction, providing insight into what – possibly – lay ahead for me in the future.  Life isn’t perfect, but when you’re surrounded by people you love, it can be pretty close.

Obviously, the book was more detailed than the movie, but the movie left out details I felt it should have kept.  It was about so much more than a wayward yet loveable dog, but the subject of the movie was already sighted, locked, and loaded.

The most too-good-to-be-true part for me was that John got to write about anything he wanted for his column at the newspaper.  I like to write, but sometimes I feel restricted by prompts.  Well, he essentially got paid to keep a journal.  Of course, many of them involved Marley, which is how he got inspiration for the book.  He also touched on a number of serious issues, which his normal – i.e. not Marley – writing style is suited for.  He’s good with humor, but he’s also good at vivid descriptions that will impact an audience and drive his point home.  And, people actually read his stories.

At the time, his career was everything I wanted – and in a way, it still is, although I’m also exploring my creative writing options.  John Grogan may not be the first one that comes to mind when I think of my major, but he certainly lit my spark, creating possibilities I had not considered before.  He started me on my path to doing what I love, and for that he will always be one of my favorite writers and authors.


6 responses to “Humorous Inspiration”

  1. An English major, eh? When I went back to college after a brief 12-year break, I swore I’d study something practical. I ended up an English major, which was about as impractical as I could’ve gotten, but I did love it. No regrets.


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