Because this section was narrated by Rochester and I had a better idea of what was going on, it was much easier to follow.

The marriage of Rochester and Antoinette was awkward at first, with neither person completely comfortable.  However, a few days later, they both seem to relax and let their guard down, becoming at least friends.  There was also something more in that they both desired each other.  Rochester is still skeptical and apprehensive.  He repeats “Not now.  Not yet,” as if he is waiting for the right moment to act on something.

During the day everything is fine.  At night, however, Antoinette seems to slip into madness, which scares Rochester.  Because he doesn’t trust Antoinette or her servants, Rochester takes to sleeping in his dressing room. Antoinette wants to love him, but Rochester doesn’t see her as an equal or actually love her, so he stays away.

As if their relationship was strained enough, Rochester begins receiving strange letters with information about Antoinette and her family.  He isn’t sure what to make of these, so he ignores them at first.