The Practicality of Writing 

Well, I can’t.  Not practical.

Poppy Mongomery’s amazing performance in Magic Beyond Words aside, I really can’t stand people who say writing isn’t practical.  Worse yet, some people call English stupid.  Why can’t everybody be encouraging like:

If you want to study writing, study writing.

*sighs* Oh, Anne.  If only …

While I agree with J.K. Rowling’s dad that creative writing may not be the most practical career path, he didn’t need to crush his daughter’s dreams.

And, writing is, in fact, practical.  How would we know all of the information that we do if no one wrote it down?  How would we know anything about history? Writing isn’t restricted to the creative mind …

End of Rant


3 thoughts on “The Practicality of Writing 

  1. 100% agreed! By the way, I had to nominate you for an award at my blog. I’m not much of an award gal, but this one was actually kind of fun and I thought you’d enjoy writing the challenge I set *mwahahaha*. Yes, that was my evil laugh.

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