Literary Domination

I know I’m on my A game when I completely dominate a discussion in class.  I know I should probably be quiet when I start cutting people off.  It was the best and worst of times in English today.  My discussion post was so on point that it led to other people’s own points in their posts.  I just had a lot of randomly relevant thoughts today I guess.  Mental health days work wonders.

Before anybody thinks I completely blew off academics for a day, I can say with confidence that I did do work.  But my biology test yesterday took so much out of me I was about to have a nervous breakdown.  So I actually took a break for once.  I didn’t worry about wasting time or how much work I had to do.

It’s still bad that I had to get to the point of almost full-on breakdown to realize I needed some time for myself.  But I’ll try to get better at that.  Let’s do this, Harris.

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