Hot Damnity!

I just saw Insurgent.  It was epic.  I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.  My seat, by the way, was at the Movie Tavern in Williamsburg, VA.  My crispy chicken chipotle sliders and frozen lemonade were on point.

Academic Writing Victorian Literature 2015

The French Lieutenant’s Woman: Chapters 22-36

While Charles is still trying to sort out his feelings for Sarah, he receives word that his uncle wishes to see him immediately.  So he sets off for Winsyatt at once.  It turns out his uncle has finally married.  Which would, logically, take away Charles’s inheritance.  But his uncle has promised him one of the smaller houses on the estate that he can share with Ernestina.  This is quite the shame for Ernestina, who was looking forward to redecorating Winsyatt’s manor house.  She actually has a crying fit over it.  That girl needs a hobby.  There’s more to life than fancy houses.