Blogging 101

Day 1: Who I am and Why I’m Here


If you don’t know me already, I’m Marialena.  I’m a rising junior at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia. The goal of this blog is much the same as it was when I started it a little over a year ago:  writing book and movie reviews with the goal of discussion and helping people find something new to read or watch.

5 replies on “Day 1: Who I am and Why I’m Here”

What genres are you most into? I love making suggestions! I mean who doesn’t, right? But I’ve watched and read some pretty esoteric (ok, unpopular, but still good, I think) stuff if you’re interested. For example, I just watched Suburban Gothic, a totally weird, maybe horror flick, only not exactly. John Waters had a cameo if that tells you anything. But my interests are all over the place.


I don’t generally do horror either, but John Waters in a horror film? That I had to check out! It’s a kind of a big name in dystopian lit, but have you read Jeff VanderMeer’s Area X: The Southern Reach Trilogy? I’ve only read Annihilation so far, but it’s very different, very dream-like.


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