I have no idea who my ideal audience is.  Honestly, I’m just happy that people read my blog at all.  That being said, here goes nothing.

I know you don’t understand why I talk about fictional characters as if they’re real.  I know you don’t understand why I seem obsessed with my professors.  You say you understand, but you haven’t for a long time.  So I’m going to try and set the record straight.

I talk about fictional characters as if they are real because to me, they are.  They make up for my lack of biological siblings.  Even so, in the back of my mind, I know that they – most unfortunately – don’t exist.

Now to the topic of my professors.  It may seem like I am obsessed with them; I put them on pedestals because they can do no wrong.  But that’s not it at all.  The truth is, I have a lot of respect for them.  They accept me with all my quirks because they have some of the same quirks.  They are honest with me, but they also know when and how to encourage me.  Encouragement is something you haven’t been able to give me in a long time.  We’re just two different people now, and I’m still working on accepting that fact.