Gone Girl:  The Movie 

If you need a synopsis, or you just want to check out my book review click here.
Well, this was a bit lower key than the book, but that’s to be expected.  The book is always better.  I don’t know if it was just me, or if it was Rosamund Pike’s performance, but “book Amy” seemed smarter.  But they were equally calculating, I’ll give her that.  Also, “book Amy” looked different.  In my head, she looked like Heidi Powell from Extreme Weightloss.  I don’t know why, she just did.  Rosamund Pike looked the part – that is, blonde, slightly pretty, and “Oh, did I mention I’m a certified crazy person?”

I was really impressed by Carrie Coon, who played Nick’s twin sister Margo.  She was perfect; better than I could’ve imagined.

Neil Patrick Harris.  Desi Collings.  A good choice, but Neil as Desi seemed more naïve – and less obsessed and/or possessive – with Amy.
The character that surprised me the most had to be Tanner Bolt, Nick’s lawyer.  I never expected Tyler Perry in that role.  In my head, Tanner Bolt was white.  That’s not saying Perry was bad; he was really good.
On the whole, the movie was good in that it did the book justice, but it didn’t “wow” me enough to want it on blu-ray.

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