Word of the Day

Word of the Day: 8/1/15

skulduggery – secret or dishonest behavior or activity 


Boy Band

 First of all, special thanks to my friend @JackieSmithAuthor for sending this to me.

Sam Morneau is Melissa Parker’s best friend.  He’s also a member of The Kind of September, basically the hottest boy band on the planet.  After two and a half years, Mel is all too familiar with the day-to-day occurances that come with being a member of the band’s inner circle, including hectic schedules, passionate fans, and gossip-mongering celebrity girlfriends.

Now, with the release of the group’s album just weeks away, their lives have never been crazier, and Mel is doing everything she can to keep up, all while trying to cope with the ridiculous rumors that follow the band everywhere they go, and pretending she isn’t harboring a secret and hopeless crush on Sam.

It’s weird enough being in love with your best friend.  It’s even weirder when the rest of the world is in love with him, too.