Windows 10

After waiting for what seemed like forever, I was finally able to download Windows 10 last night.  I’m still getting used to it, but I think I like it.  I definitely like the new web browser, Microsoft Edge.  The address bar is where it should be – at the top.  I never got used to having it on the bottom of the screen with Windows 8.  The Favorites list is a lot easier to get to.


4 responses to “Windows 10”

  1. I rarely used the Metro version of Explorer in Windows 8(.1) for that and other technical reasons. The desktop version was identical to the version released for 7. In fact, I rarely used any of the Metro apps at all in Windows 8(.1).

    I must admit, though, that I am slightly jealous that you have gotten your 10 already. I’m still waiting for mine.


      • If you click on the lovely blue tile with the while logo on the start panel, you get the hideous and unfriendly “Metro” version. If instead, you click on the desktop tile, on the taskbar at the bottom, you will see the familiar blue e logo with the yellow swirl around it. Click on that, and the same window you see in Windows 7 (with IE11) opens up. Standard windows border, address bar and tabs at the top, navigation aids to the left, and action buttons (Home, Favorites, and Settings) to the right.


      • Can’t speak as to how this works in Windows 10, but it is my understanding that Explorer is still in 10 as well, but only as the desktop version. If you go from the start panel, it’s the new Edge browser.


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