100 Sideways Miles

Finn Easton sees the world through miles instead of minutes. It’s how he makes sense of the world, and how he tries to convince himself that he’s a real boy and not just a character in his father’s bestselling cult-classic book.  Finn has two things going for him:  his best friend, the possibly-insane-but-definitely-excellent Cade Hernandez, and Julia Bishop, the first girl he’s ever loved.

Then Julia moves away, and Finn is heartbroken.  Feeling restless and trapped in the book, Finn embarks on a road trip with Cade to visit the college of their choice in Oklahoma.  When an unexpected accident happens and the boys become unlikely heroes, they take an eye-opening detour away from everything they thought they had planned – and learn how to write their own destiny.

Spanish Word of the Day

Spanish Word of the Day: 1/3/16

Capaz:  capable, able

Word of the Day

Word of the Day: 1/3/16

Alacrity – promptness in response