The State of Last Night 


I’m not usually someone who talks about her political views – it’s taboo at the dinner table – but this tweet about the State of the Union address last night really bothered me.

It’s natural for someone to be fearful about what they understand, but blanket generalizations are not okay.  This guy, whoever he is – and frankly I don’t care – clearly hasn’t learned anything about the principles of Islam.  He probably doesn’t care to.

If he had, he would realize that Islam is actually a very peaceful religion – jihad has no place in it whatsoever.

Yes, Muslims may look and dress differently, but it doesn’t mean that they are all terrorists – they’re not.

If I remember correctly, Islam has some things in common with Christianity.  I would expand on this, but unfortunately I don’t remember, and the last thing I want to do here is misrepresent Muslims.

If you think about it, every religious groups has its extremist quacks.  Case in point:  Warren Jeffs.  But these people don’t come up in the news very often because American society is predominantly Christian, and Christian quacks have had way more than the allotted 15 minutes of fame.
Just think before you cry “Terrorist!” again.


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