This Week in Cool Things

This week on “Sometimes Cool Things Actually Happen to Marialena Gallagher,” these things happened:

  1. Monday:  I got to catch up with my Spanish professor from last semester, which was nice.  She was really happy when I told her I wasn’t giving up on the minor.  Halfway through our conversation, my current Spanish professor walked by and told her “She [i.e. me] participated very well today”.  That meant a lot to me.  He has no idea.
  2. Last Sunday, I instragrammed an old photo that came up on my Timehop.  On Friday, I got a response from Auti Angel from Push Girls.  I thought that show was dead.  It’s nice to know that it’s still a thing and it might come back.  I’ve missed it. 3. Yesterday, I just happened to stumble across Josh Peck’s Snapchat story.  It was great (he’s always really entertaining), so I took to Twitter to tell him as much.  He retweeted me.

 I (obviously) had a lot of good things happen to me this past week.  Hopefully I can keep the good vibes going and stay positive.

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