A Letter to Outlander

The following is a letter to Diana Gabaldon and some of the cast and crew of Outlander:  The Series on Starz.

Diana, thank you for your genius literary brainchild.  You make everything so realistic it’s irresistible.  Claire, Jamie, and the rest of the family have been people I can turn to when life – especially school – gets rough.  I can’t thank you enough for helping me keep my sanity.

Caitriona, thank you for being the best person to play Claire.  You bring her to life – literally.  All the sweetness, sassiness, and everything else that Claire is, you don’t even have to try.  I’ve learned a lot from your portrayal of her.  One thing being not to give up, and also that one doesn’t necessarily need modern conveniences to break her husband out of prison. 😉

Sam, thank you for being James Alexander Malcom Mackenzie Fraser.  Thank you for so fully portraying his loyalty, protectiveness, responsibility, and intelligence.  I’d also like to thank you and Caitriona for the more intimate moments between Claire and Jamie.  That’s one of the things I love – their love for each other is as perfect on the screen as it is on the page.

And last but definitely not least, Bear.  Thank you for the music.  I do have my favorites, but I love all the songs on both of the soundtracks.  Whether I’m having a down day or I’m on top of the world, the music almost always fits my mood.  Keep it coming.


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