Spanish Word of the Day

Spanish Word of the Day: 6/12/16

Alegre:  glad, cheerful

Word of the Day

Word of the Day: 6/12/16

Quaff – to drink deeply

Bloogging and Branding

Blogging and Branding Day 1: Goals

I’ve worked hard over the last two years to build this blog, but I know it can be a lot better.  Here are three goals I have for the next year:

  1.  500 followers
  2. 300 views in one day
  3. post more often, and have more in depth content.

I’m not exactly sure how I’ll accomplish the first two, but I know that posting more often would help.  The problem is, right now I’ve got one year left in college, so I don’t have a lot of time.  I know for a fact that my book reviews can be more in depth, which would probably help too.  I need to cut down on the fluff.  Fluff is great, but it doesn’t do much.  I’m an English major; I can think critically when it comes to books.  But when I read for fun, I think I turn that part of my brain off and follow my feels.  Granted, my feelings are important; Every book I read influences me in some way.  But I also need to start going beyond that.