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I can’t coherently look at my stats, because, well, they’re all over the place.  I post every day with a “Word of the Day,” but that consistency doesn’t seem to help.  I have no idea what I’m doing (or not doing).  All I know is I haven’t gotten more than 20 views in a while.  If I get 5 or 10, it’s a miracle.  Thoughts or ideas for improvement?


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  1. I am not really very good at this, but I guess more tags to each of your posts like personal, words, english, writing, blogging, word a day etc might help.

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      • If I am not wrong, I guess at around 15 or so. OM at has lot of tips related to this. Having ‘n’ number of followers does not guarantee ‘m’ views. People do a lot of search using tags and categories. I try and add at least 10 tags to my posts.


    • I already use “word of the day,” and I use the title and author for each of my book reviews. And I have categories. I guess I could try more general tags. For some reason WordPress says if you use more than like 15 tags it’s harder for people to see the post. I think I remember reading that somewhere.

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  2. My suggestion would be to visit and comment on other blogs. With regard to tagging, I typically use less than 10. I think the best idea is to just keep writing what you like and finding other writers who you like and follow, comment and like their posts as well. Linking back to daily prompts is a nice way to get your work some more coverage as well.

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  3. i totally agree with you, though i see lots of other people ALSO write about their lives in their blog, yet they get more stats haha but anyhow hope those suggestions above would help you (and me too)! ^^


  4. Use tags…definitely take some time and read WP’s resource info on tags and how best to use them. And if you’re doing a WordPress WOD make sure you’re adding a ping-back to your post-must must must. Join a community blog site. I actually co-run one and it’s been featured on the WP Daily Post. It’s only 4 months old but we’re growing. If you want to take a peek hop on over to Hope this helps, truly.


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