Ilvermorny: the American Hogwarts

Recently, I read J.K. Rowling’s new writing about Ilvermorny, the wizarding school in America.  It’s amazing.  I was sorted into Wampus, which was a bit surprising, because it was exactly what I wanted.  I was able to answer the sorting questions honestly and quickly; the Hogwarts sorting took me a bit longer because I had to think more to come up with honest answers.  I probably would have been happy with any house; I wasn’t expecting Hufflepuff, but I’ve realized it suits my personality more than any of the other houses would have.
J.K. Rowling needs to write more books.  I need more than one story about Ilvermorny.  It’s too good – magical, you might say – to limit to a single story.  It has so much potential; I just hope Jo sees it.


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