After Death 

When Michael Sinclair receives an invitation to attend the grand opening of Cirque Sominatis, he figures it will be a good opportunity to get away from the ghosts, potential in-laws, and the seemingly endless stream of rejected job applications … And a chance to spend a romantic weekend at the circus with Kate.

But nothing is as it seems as Michael, Kate, and ghost hunter extraordinaire Luke Rainer venture onto the haunted fairgrounds in the small town of Hugo, Oklahoma.  New rivals, theatrical psychics, and a Ringmaster with a dark secret of his own all wait for them under the Big Top.

This book was the most intense of the trilogy.  The darkness in Between Worlds is nothing compared to what’s in here.  It’s a page-turner with lots of unexpected plot twists.

Of course, it wasn’t all dark.  This had lots of funny moments too.  Humor is pretty much a given in any Jacqueline E. Smith novel.  That’s what makes them so awesome.

Probably most surprising though, were the sweet moments.  The relationships between characters, old and new, are front and center.  Of course, not all of the relationships in question are healthy, but the ones that are … They’re so sweet, they’re almost bittersweet.

Be prepared for wild circus rides.


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