The Infinite Sea

In this sequel to The 5th Wave, Cassie Sullivan and Evan Walker team up with the soldiers from Camp Haven to try and stop the alien invasion – if the aliens were on Earth at all.

This book both ramped up the story and added to the previous book.  The majority of the book focuses on Ringer, one of the characters introduced at the end of the last book.  Yancey focuses on her aventures and the fight to get back to her friends after being captured by the enemy.

However, we also get her backstory, and that explains why she is cold to the other characters and seemingly closed off to any type of relationship.  Among the other soldiers, we get another backstory – that of Poundcake.  We learn why he never speaks – not even when he is given an order.

This book could’ve ended at the halfway point, but it would’ve been one hell of a cliffhanger.  All the more reason to read the next book, right?  But Yancey obviously wanted to add more character depth to the story to make it more interesting.  And he did.


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