The Last Star

In the sequel to The Infinite Sea and the final book of The 5th Wave trilogy, Cassie, Evan, and the others come up with a plan that could end the alien invasion once and for all.  But there are a million ways it could go wrong.

This fast-paced adventure unfolded from multiple perspectives, which were kind of hard to keep track of.  But Yancey put the pedal to the metal and didn’t let up at all.  It was full of action and plot twists.  Don’t forget huge mind-blowing bomb shells.

It was also bittersweet.  Sad in the way that Veronica Roth’s Allegiant was sad, but the ending was so satisfying that it made up for the sad parts.  Usually, endings leave readers wanting more.  While there is potentially room for more, Yancey wrote it just right.

It was also, somewhat surprisingly, laugh-out-loud funny at parts.  But it lightened the tension throughout the book, which was nice.

The finale doesn’t disappoint.

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