Thoughts on Tenacity

One of the other things I have to thank Outlander for is my tenacity.  While it didn’t give me tenacity, it certainly made me realize that I had some after all.

The character I attribute this to is Claire.  She’s so stubborn it drives Jamie crazy sometimes.  Although I know it’s because he doesn’t want her to get hurt, I have to give her props.  She doesn’t give up easily.  If something can be done, she finds a way to do it.  Even in the eighteenth century.  And – semi-spoiler alert – when it comes to her grandchildren, she’ll walk through Hell.

While I obviously don’t have the same circumstances, I really identify with Claire in this way.  I am also stubborn to the dismay of others, and I’m not willing to give up on things I care about.  Even so, it’s hard not to listen to what other people say.  Sometimes it gets in my head and leads to self doubt.  That’s never fun.

But all I have to do is stay focused on what I want and trust I will get it someday.  Everything happens for a reason, and everything will play out the way it’s meant to.  I’ve made it this far in life, and I can go further.

I Am a Rock


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