Yeah … About Podcasts

This school year, I started listening to Podcasts.  Once I found Dan Harris, I didn’t look back.

I found a lot that I really enjoyed.  I was listening to more than 20.  And I was working on binging them so I could have more space on my phone.

But then my phone got messed up somehow.  One day, I woke up and tried to pick up where I left off the night before.  However, when I opened up the Apple Podcasts app on my phone, it said something like “the library needs to be rebuilt”.  I figured it wasn’t a big deal; why would anything change?

The next thing I knew, all my Podcasts were gone.  The app was completely empty.  I tried re-downloading them, but it was too hard to remember which episodes I’d already listened to.  And even when I did get some of them back somehow, they didn’t stay put for long.

So, as much as I miss them, I’ve completely given up on it.  Why bother recovering them if they’re just going to disappear again?


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