I finally got to see Dunkirk last night.  Mom and her friend had plans to see it back in July, but then her friend kind of bailed.

Anyway, Dunkirk is a story of World War II.  The enemy – presumably the Germans – had pushed the British and the French all the way to the coast, and the sea was their only hope of escape.

Never has a movie provided such a visceral experience.  The sound was incredible.  All movies have surround sound, of course, but this was different.  It made the audience feel as if they were there.  It did seem a bit louder than normal, but maybe that’s just the type of sound – and sound effects – that come with this movie.

The visuals matched the sound perfectly.  The picture was so clear.  Everything about this movie was authentic – including the acting.   Harry Styles pulls off a convincing performance.  He’s not just a name drop or a ratings draw.  Kenneth Branagh was a surprise – he was almost unrecognizable.  But he definitely had an important role.

It was a heart-racing, pulse-pounding adventure.  But of course, it wasn’t all fun and games.  There were bittersweet moments at the end, which were almost tear-jerking.

Don’t miss out on this movie.


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