Variations of the Werewolf

Over the years, there have been many interpretations of the werewolf, both friendly and not.

Well, Remus Lupin didn’t have much control over the matter, but I’m sure he wouldn’t go out of his mind if he could help it.  At the same time, he had James and Sirius – and Tonks, for that matter – to help him cope.  I’d include Peter Pettigrew, but he turned out to be a major asshole, so he doesn’t count.

And then there’s Jacob Black, who is all kinds of complicated.  Yes, he cared for Bella, and he’s very much the reason she survived without Edward for approximately six months, but he didn’t know when to quit.  He kept dropping hints that Bella had no intention of catching.  She was depressed and needed someone to lean on, of course, but that wouldn’t necessarily change her mind about Edward.  When he finally found out that Bella was choosing Edward, he made no effort to hide his discontent.  Swallowing his pride and being happy for his friend was not in his vocabulary at the time.  His relationship with Renesmee could probably be another post in and of itself, but I’ll just say this for now:  while I understand the situation from Jacob’s point of view, and I ship him with Renesmee, I can’t help but see it from Bella’s point of view as well.  Sidebar:  How does Jacob deal with losing his pants every time he changes form?  Stash a change of clothes in the woods somewhere?

Last but not least, there are various werewolf packs in The Mortal Instruments.  They are a very marginalized group, but they have good people all the same.  There might be a few bad apples – I can’t really remember, but I wouldn’t be surprised – but Luke is the prime example.  He’s really a stand up guy.  Father figure to Clary – basically the only father she’s ever known.  And his relationship with Jocelyn is just adorable.  I wish he and Jocelyn had a bigger role in the books.

Howl at the Moon

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