Writing and Energy Levels

In response to Does Writing Energize or Exhaust you?

For me, it definitely does both.  I love my creative writing; it makes me feel good, and I can write for ages once I really get going.  However, as much as I wish I could, I can’t sit down and write all day.  Understandably, school was in the way of developing any creative writing habits.  Hopefully I can make up for that now; I have some fanfiction that’s almost done.  It’s about time too; I’ve been working on it for months.

School assignments, however, are a different story.  It takes me longer to process the information I need to construct a paper, and I had a lot of anxiety about getting them done on time.  So, while I didn’t mind writing a ton of literary analyses for my English major, I can’t say I always enjoyed them.  The papers I didn’t like at all were the ones for my classes outside of English.  It’s not that they were harder or anything like that.  I just didn’t see the point of, say, writing a paper for a science class.


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