My Own Beat

In response to Trending

I’m not always up to date on the latest trends, but that’s okay by me. I didn’t start reading Harry Potter until I was 15, and I read The Twilight Saga the summer after that.

I think I got more out of the books because I read them when I was older.  If I’d read them as they came out when I was growing up, they wouldn’t have meant as much to me.

Also, all the hype that surrounds trends is completely overrated.  And it’s even worse when something doesn’t live up to said hype.  One of the things that didn’t live up to the hype at first was Disney’s Frozen.  They called it “the best movie since The Lion King.”  Not so much.  I say “at first,” however, because when I saw it a second time, I was able to appreciate it for the movie it is in its own right.

My taste in music definitely isn’t “normal”.  I download any song I happen to like, so it’s a melting pot of everything.  I have a playlist devoted to Spanish music.  That’s not to say I don’t have my favorite artists.  I like Rachel Platten, Ed Sheeran and more.

I don’t really care about keeping up with trends.  If I like something, I like it.  That’s all that matters to me.  If it happens to be “in,” that’s just a coincidence.


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