A Night with the Best

When I was younger, around 2004 or so, Mom discovered the men of Il Divo.  I mean, the music was okay, but I didn’t care for it much because it’s mostly opera singing, and they were singing in languages I didn’t understand.  BORING.  However, I have since changed my mind.

Mom took me to an Il Divo concert last night at Christopher Newport University’s Ferguson Center for the Arts.  It was amazing.  For one thing, all four of the guys – Sébastien Izambard, David Miller, Carlos Marín, and Urs Bühler – are drop-dead gorgeous.  And I was familiar with some of the songs they sang.  Spoiler alert:  Most of the songs that they sing aren’t originally theirs.  But who says all the songs that people sing have to be original?  No one.

They also had an orchestra as backup.  I may not have always appreciated that kind of music, but seeing the instruments last night hit me with a wave of nostalgia.  I was in band from fourth through twelfth grade, and I’ve been itching to get back into playing something for a while now.  I probably will someday; I can’t seem to find enough motivation right now.

My favorite part, hands down, was the music itself.  Hardly any of the songs were in English, but that’s okay, because most of them were in Spanish.  Those who have read my other posts already know that I love Spanish.  I couldn’t understand all of it, of course, because I’m still working on my fluency.  Honestly, I could’ve probably understood more of it if I had the lyrics in front of me.  And it was hard to understand when they were singing anyway because everything else was so loud.

But I’m not holding any of that against them (or myself, for that matter), because the entire night was an amazing experience I won’t soon forget.  I need to see them again at some point.

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