The Honeymoon

May 1990

Roger and his wife lay down in bed, snuggled together on the edge of sleep.

“You know, Bree,” he said.  “In all the years we’ve been marrit, we havena really had a honeymoon.”

In answer, she rolled over on her stomach and leaned on her elbows, facing him.

“That’s true, but there wasn’t much time for vacation in the eighteenth century.  Did you have anything in mind?” Brianna asked.  “By the way, I love your voice when you’re sleepy.  Your accent comes out, and it reminds me of Da.”

I dinna exactly have anything in mind, but I’ll figure something out.  Do ye miss your parents?” he asked.

Yeah.  Always.  It’s a bit harder to bear when Jem randomly starts speaking Gaelic, but it’s not like I’m going to stop him.  He’s already been traumatized by Mrs. What’s-Her-Face.  Besides, it reminds me of the good times we had.”

“We certainly had fun, didn’t we?” Roger said.

“Yeah, we did,” Bree said, laughing quietly and rolling on her side with her head on Roger’s chest, looking up at the ceiling.  “It’s just weird missing people who are in another century.”

Soon after that, they both fell asleep.

Roger woke early the next morning, sliding carefully out of bed so as to not wake Brianna, who was still sound asleep.  He tip-toed across the hall to his office, quietly shut the door, sat down at his desk, and waited for his computer to boot up.  As usual, it was taking forever.  He figured he’d have to get a new one soon, but as long as the rest of it was working properly, he wasn’t going to complain.

Once the computer was working, he started searching vacation destinations on Google.  He didn’t really have any idea what he was looking for, so he was searching aimlessly at first.  He then remembered one day when Brianna mentioned how she wanted to go to Spain to see the architecture.

So he officially started his search there.  It looked absolutely beautiful.  And Barcelona had La Sagrada Familia, which was its own standard of architectural beauty.  Bree would love it.

It was settled, then.  He took the whole day to make sure everything on their itinerary was perfect.  He thought about getting Bree’s input, but he wanted it to be a surprise more than anything.  With two kids, they hardly had time to do anything spontaneous anymore.

When he was finished planning every last detail, he walked to the bookstore down the street and bought a guidebook and a Spanish dictionary.

As soon as he got home, he wrapped them up and put them in a gift bag.  Now he just had to wait for Bree to get home.

When Brianna finally got home that night, Roger could hardly contain his excitement.

“Hey honey!  You’re in a good mood,” Bree said as she walked into the living room.  She flopped on the couch, exhausted after a long day at work.

“That’s because I have a surprise for you,” Roger said, the gift bag behind his back.

“Oh really, what is it?” Bree asked.

Roger crossed the room and stood in front of his wife, holding the gift bag with two hands.  She took it from him, and he sat next to her on the couch.

“Can I open it now?” Bree asked, turning toward him.

“Of course!  I’ve been waiting all day for you to get home, silly.”

She reached inside the bag and took out three individually wrapped packages, tied neatly in a stack with a ribbon.  Well, two medium sized packages and an envelope.  She started to open the envelope, but Roger snatched it away from her.  “Why don’t you save this for last?  I want you to guess where we’re going,” he winked at her.

“We’re going somewhere?  With the kids?” Brianna asked.

“Nope.  Just the two of us.  I’ve already spoken to Annie; she doesn’t mind watching them,” Roger said, handing her the smallest package.

Eager to end the suspense, Brianna ripped it open.  It was a Spanish dictionary.

“Okay, so whatever we’re doing, it involves Spanish.”

“Getting warmer,” Roger handed her the other package.

She tore open the package and found the guidebook.

Okay, so we’re definitely going to Spain … Gimme that!” she said, leaning across Roger to try to reach the envelope in his hand.

“Gotta catch me first!” Roger sprung from the couch and ran for the bedroom.

Brianna didn’t have much trouble with that, catching him by the waist as he reached the bedroom. She leaned into him, steadying her breathing. Roger reached behind him and took his wife’s hand, leading her over to their bed.

They sat down, and he handed her the envelope. She opened it carefully; she always liked to have the envelope stay in one piece if possible. She pulled out the two plane tickets.

“Roger, what’s this?”

“Well, we were saying last night that we didn’t really have a honeymoon, and I know you’ve always wanted to go to Spain to see the architecture, so I put two and two together,” he shrugged as if it were no big deal.

“Thank you, Mr. Fraser,” she said, kissing him softly on the mouth.

You’re welcome, Mrs. Mackenzie,” he murmured without breaking the kiss.



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