Spanish Sentences

In response to I go to the stadium

Contrary to what some people believe, reading novels in Spanish is actually quite helpful.  One of my professors said it would help me with my vocabulary, and it definitely has.  For the most part, it has helped me with sentence structure in Spanish as well, but that’s where things get tricky.

In English, adjectives come before nouns.  For example:

The green car.

In Spanish however, it’s backwards.  “The green car” would be translated as:

El coche verde.

At least, that’s what I’ve always been taught in my Spanish classes over the years.  But reading Harry Potter in Spanish has occasionally called that structure into question.  Sometimes, the adjective comes before the noun, just like in English:

Harry se quedaba en su habitación, con su nueva lechuza por compañía.

This is translated:

Harry stayed in his room, with his new owl for company.

Can someone explain why the adjective rule seems to be broken here?

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