Revisiting Elementary School

I should preface this with some clarification:  I say “elementary school” because I didn’t really go to “middle school”.  I was at the same school from kindergarten until eighth grade.

If I could go back, I’m not sure that I would.  Sure, I liked the learning aspect of school, but that was about it.

Friendships were hard to navigate.  When everybody started playing sports in fifth grade, I got left out because I couldn’t.  My friends started spending more time with their teammates, which is understandable, but I had serious FOMO – fear of missing out.

I was the forgotten one.  By the time I was in eighth grade, I didn’t feel like I had any real, good friends.  When it came time to write notes to my classmates in the eighth grade yearbook, I had no idea what to say to most of my classmates.  I’d been with the same people for nine years, but nothing memorable about them stood out.

If I could go back and give my younger self some advice, I’d tell her that she has so much to look forward to.  She will meet not one, but two people who will turn her life upside down in the best way possible.  I’d tell her not to give up – the dream she has now is the dream she will continue to have.

I’d tell to try and block out the haters – the people who will try and crush the dream.  I know that that is easier said than done, but it never hurts to try.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel, no matter what she may be going through right now.

Zoltar’s Revenge

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