Writing Without Internet

In response to What if there was no internet?

If the internet were to suddenly be gone for whatever reason, I would still keep writing.  I’ve always been a fan of pens and pencils on paper, even though it takes me longer to write as opposed to type.

And I have plenty of notebooks.  Notebooks are definitely an impulse buy for me. The last time I wanted to buy one, my mother was successful in talking me out of it. But I do try to use them.  I would probably use them more.  But not having internet doesn’t necessarily mean not having computers, so I don’t know.

My biggest hurdle would be sharing my work.  Outside of this blog, I hardly ever show my writing to anyone.  I’m not sure why, but it probably has something to do with the fact that the novel I’m currently working on – and have been working on for a while now – isn’t finished yet.

My novel is a very personal project.  It’s loosely based on events in my life, and the characters are based on my friends and people I look up to.  That’s probably another reason I haven’t shown it to a lot of people.

Without the internet, it would definitely be harder to keep in touch with people.  I wouldn’t be able to simply sit in front of my computer.  Not that I have anything against going outside, it would just be different.

It would definitely be harder to do research for writing.  As and English major, I had to do a lot of research for paper.  Granted, I didn’t always rely on the internet, but it was still the first place I checked for sources to use.

Writing – and life, for that matter – without the internet would be very different.


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