They Miss Me

Recently, I received emails from two of my former professors at Randolph-Macon College. Saying “former” sounds weird.  I still consider them my professors.  Is the fact that I graduated ever going to hit me?

But I digress.  I actually got one of the emails last month, but I didn’t see it until now because I don’t check my school email as often as I used to.  It’s kind of a Catch 22 – I want to use my school email to keep in touch with professors, but I don’t need to use it because I graduated.

Anyway, my English professor was happy to hear from me, and she said she hopes that I visit.  I definitely will.  As I’ve said before, school was my home, my support system – I can’t just leave it behind.

The other professor I emailed was my Spanish professor.  I’d been debating whether to send her an email for awhile, so I wrote one and saved it in my drafts.  When I finally decided to send it, I didn’t have to wait long for a response.  She advised me on how to keep pursuing Spanish, which put me at ease.  She also said “Espero que todo esté bien contigo y estamos en contacto.”  Or “I hope everything is good with you and we keep in touch.”

It’s nice to know that my professors still care about me and miss me.  My English professor even said “It will be weird not to see you everyday on campus.”

That really means a lot to me.


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