Junk Food in Literature

This post was originally just going to be about Divergent and Dauntless cake, but then I thought, “Why not blow it wide open and include all the fandoms?”  So, here goes nothing.

I think food is most prevalent in the Harry Potter series.  It’s literally a feast at school for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – special occasions notwithstanding.

And before they even get to Hogwarts, Harry buys the entire sweet cart on the train:

We’ll take the lot!

When you stop and think about it, it’s like “How did they not get sick after that?  Are digestive systems magic too?”

And here’s something I’ve always wondered about Butterbeer:  is it actually alcoholic?  I know they can’t make it that way at the Wizarding World in Universal studios, but “beer” is still in the name.

I love Pumpkin Juice as well.  Pumpkin pie is one of my favorite things anyway, so I really can’t go wrong with a liquid version.

Chocolate Frogs are okay I guess.  I’m mostly in it for the cards.  I’ve got like three of Salazar Slytherin though.

The next fandom I can think of with lots of food is Percy Jackson.  More specifically, blue food.  We know how it looks, but how does it actually taste?  Did Percy only eat blue things growing up?  We just don’t know.  Also, ambrosia sounds really good.  Demigods have medicine that actually tastes good.  Why can’t we have that?

Last but not least, Divergent and cake.  Dauntless cake.  It definitely begs the question of whether the other factions have their own special dishes and desserts or not.  Also, what kind of cake is Dauntless cake anyway?  Vanilla?  Chocolate?  New York Cheesecake?  Ice cream cake?



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