If I had to Choose

If I had to choose between writing my own blog and reading others, I don’t think I could.
For one thing, I really enjoy reading.  I’ve rarely met a book that I don’t like, but I do have an affinity for sci-fi and dystopian fiction.

I also really like reading other blogs.  I follow a lot, but to be honest, I probably don’t even read half of them.  I don’t think I even have blogs that I read regularly.  It’s a post-by-post basis, really.  If the title is interesting, I’ll check it out.  If the subject matter is interesting, entertaining, or useful, I’ll give it a like.  If I have something to say about the topic, I’ll leave a comment.

Writing is something I love to do.  Ideas are constantly bouncing around in my head, and they have to go somewhere.  Lately, I’ve gotten into writing fan fiction, which is not something I ever thought I’d do.  In fact, I swore I’d never do it because I didn’t want to mess with things that were already established as cannon.  I held out for a while, but eventually I caved in.  The temptation of making up my own stories about my favorite characters was too much.

Writing is also how I prefer to express myself.  I’m an introvert, so that explains some of it.  When I write something, I can think about what I am going to say before I say it.  Speaking doesn’t give me that luxury; there’s no such thing as simply “taking it back” once something is said.

Is it so bad that I want to have my cake and eat it too?
Morton’s Fork

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