My Fanmily

I’m an only child.  To make up for this, many of my favorite fictional characters (and sometimes my favorite famous people) are like family to me.  I used to shy away from this, because I thought if people knew, they would think I was weird.  But more recently, I’ve embraced it.  I even admitted it in my Children’s Literature class.

I don’t pick every fandom; my relationships with fandoms change.  But if a fandom means a lot to me, it’ll stick around.  Most of the characters end up being like brothers or sisters, because as I said, I don’t have any.

But some give me even more family members.  An extended family, if you will.  Of course, sometimes I wish I had real siblings, but I’m happy with the family I’ve created for myself.

It’s the reason I don’t get lonely.  They’re people I can turn to; they give me confidence.  They have my metaphorical back.

And because I’m always reading, it will evolve; my favorite characters can change.  But I will always have a fanmily.

Imaginary Friend


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