Cover and Plan

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Anybody’s first instinct would have been to run.  But not mine.  I was frozen to the spot.  I couldn’t move; the others had to drag me along behind them.

But we couldn’t find the source of the sound we had heard.  Not that we wanted to see anyone immediately; we weren’t exactly prepared for battle.  This was supposed to be a foraging expedition.  But it wasn’t as simple as that anymore.

Then we heard the same blitz of gunfire we heard earlier.  Only this time, it was louder.  Much louder.  We were close to whatever we were up against.  Willzer looked around wildly, bow at the ready.

“Come out and show yourself!” she bellowed.  “Don’t try and hide, we’ll find you.”

Then, we heard rustling from somewhere nearby.  Now my instincts had kicked in; I was analyzing all the possibilities, thinking through all the options.  We didn’t have many.  It seemed we only had one choice:  run or fight.

And fight it would be.  Multiple people came out from behind the trees.  Five people with five guns.  The guns had obviously made the noise; they were indeed machine guns, and sophisticated ones at that.

But the people behind them were more intriguing.  Not fully human, but not anything else I could put my finger on.  Like a hybrid of some sort.

“Stay close,” Willzer whispered.  “Do any of you have other weapons?”

We checked.  All any of us had were small knives meant for carving food.  Not exactly meant for being thrown at a distance.

“Well, just follow me.  I’ll cover us for now.  We need to get back to camp so we can plan.” she said.

She let her arrows fly, and we ran along behind her.  I was covering my head to protect myself from the bullets.  There were a few, but they didn’t hit anything.  I looked up.  The others had stopped ahead of me.  Our enemies seemed to have frozen in place.

“What’d I miss?” I asked.

“It’s weird, as soon as I let the arrows loose, they froze.  We gotta get back and tell the others what’s out here.”



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