The Origin and Evolution of my Blog

To be honest, starting this blog wasn’t exactly my idea.  It was my mother’s.  But other than that, most of the reasons I started my blog – which can be found on the Home Page – are still true today.  I still write book and movie reviews, and I enjoy it.

However, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, things have changed.  I no longer restrict myself to those two things.  I never thought I’d ever find myself writing fanfiction, because I thought messing with anything already established in canon was sacrilegious.  What the author wrote was how it was meant to be, and in my eyes, that was final.

But I have started to write fanfiction, and it’s actually fun to take established characters and make up new stories about them.

I also realized that a book review every time I finished a book or a movie review every time I watched a movie with nothing in between that time wasn’t a frequent posting basis, and as a result, my number of views wasn’t that high.

So I toyed around with different things I could do to increase my views, but it wasn’t easy to figure out.  I thought I could make it more interesting by posting things from my college English classes, but keeping up with the blog became too much stress on top of my school work.

Talking about views like this probably makes it seem like views are the only things I care about with this blog.  Well, they’re not.  I actually enjoy writing, and this blog is my space where I can explore different things related to books and movies, as well as work on my own writing.  I just hope that other people like it as much as I do.

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2 responses to “The Origin and Evolution of my Blog”

  1. I think that in talking about views it comes off as honest. I certainly hope there aren’t people blogging just for views, but no matter how much we love writing and blogging, if we’re putting it out there we want it to be seen. Don’t be too worried about people thinking you’re all about views. Just keep on blogging!

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